Citizens Call to Revoke Registry of Mexico’s Green Party

By TeleSUR, 04/06/15

20,000 signatures have caPVEMlled for revoking the registry of the party considered to be a close ally of the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI).

With the official launch of midterm election campaigning for nearly 2,000 local and federal seats beginning Sunday, a growing number of Mexican citizens are seeking to revoke the registration of one party that has racked-up millions of dollars in fines for its abuse of campaign propaganda.

More than 21,000 voters have signed an online petition to revoke the registration of the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM), which has been fined at least 10 times by the country’s electoral disputes tribunal for abuse of campaign propaganda.

The party is closely allied with the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), and analysts have accused the PVEM of effectively being an offshoot of the PRI.

The fines have amounted to more than US$12 million. The most recent fine comes after the party utilized environment-damaging materials in free campaign calendars.

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