Mexico: Electoral Frustrations

By Mexico Voices, 04/07/15

This was a column originally published in Reforma: Roger Bartra* – Translated by Mexico Voices

The elections tend to be a reason for frustration for those who believe that in Mexico there is an unhappy and displeased majority that has to express its dissatisfaction through a system that only benefits the elite. They believe there are only two Mexicos: the one of the aggrieved persons and the one of the conformists; the one of the attacked persons and the one of those who are pleased.

With this logic, it is hard to understand why the parties who defend the system and the existing order win, while the “revolutionary” and nonconformist options do not advance in the electoral arena and remain minority options. If you think that the political system is a ship without a mast drifting along aimlessly towards probable shipwreck, what is the point of going to vote? If the elections supposedly only exist to support the politicians who oppose reforms that benefit the complaining people, what do we want democracy for?

Why do the “people” not go out and support the political organizations that fight on their behalf? The frustrations would be less serious if those living in displeasure understood that the political reality cannot be understood in extreme terms: not everything is black or white, there are nuances and shades that cannot be reduced to the idea that the country is divided between the conformists and the dissatisfied.

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