The Big-Money Scandal Rocking Mexico

By León Krauze, 03/24/15 on The Daily Beast

The sacking of journalist Carmen Aristegui raises serious questions about President Peña Nieto’s commitment to press freedom -after she raised serious questions about him.

MEXICO CITY — Carmen Aristegui, a feisty and popular Mexican radio host, published the kind of story every journalist dreams of last November. Aristegui revealed that Enrique Peña Nieto, the president of Mexico, and his wife, the actress Angélica Rivera, own an immense mansion in one of Mexico City’s most expensive neighborhoods.

The aptly dubbed “white house” is impressive: marble floors, a spa area, adjustable lighting in fancy hues (take a look: it’s called “Casa La Palma.” Built by renowned architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the place has been valued at around $7 million, a heavy burden on anyone’s finances, let alone Peña Nieto’s, who has worked in the public sector most of his life, or Rivera, a successful soap opera star but no Sofia Vergara.

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