Is the New Generation becoming the most powerful cartel in Mexico?

by Joshua Parlow in The Washington Post, 04/09/15

MEXICO CITY — There’s a new name to worry about in Mexico’s ever-churning drug war.

They call themselves the New Generation of Jalisco, and they just pulled off one of the most audacious attacks against Mexican authorities in years.

Earlier this week, on a lonely road in western Mexico between the resort beach town of Puerto Vallarta and the state capital of Guadalajara, cartel henchmen with assault rifles and grenade launchers ambushed a convoy of state police, killing 15 of them and wounding five more. That brought the total number of police killed in the state to 21, just over the past three weeks, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

“Its not a coincidence that this weekend [April 5], election campaigns started,” said Gerson Hernandez Mecalco, a political science professor at Mexico’s National Autonomous University. “It’s a very negative message, on the part of organized crime, of the possible impact and strength that they continue to have.”

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