Mexico Elections: Detestable Green Party Reflects Mexico’s Weak Democracy

By Mexico Voices, 04/13/15

This was a column originally published in Reforma: Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez – Translated by Mexico Voices

Some say that Flaubert’s letters were his masterpiece. More than his novels, writing comes alive in his letters; you can see critical spark, irony and venom. In one of them I find he confesses his deep antipathy for political parties.

“I have no sympathy for any political party, rather, I hate them all, because I believe they are all equally limited, false, puerile, employees of the ephemeral, without a joint vision and without ever rising beyond what is helpful. I hate all forms of despotism. I am a rabid liberal.”

It is gratifying to transcribe these words. Make them my own as I rewrite them. Detestable parties: snakes, deceitful, short sighted, trivial parties. But not all parties are equally detestable. In today’s Mexico there is one that stands above the rest, more loathsome and odious than the rest. To me, the Green Party [Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, PVEM], is, as Jorge Alcocer [Mexican economist and political activist], called it, a despicable party.

I am not alone in my dislike. This will be the umpteenth article published in recent weeks expressing disgust against the policies of this organization determined to circumvent the law and corrupt democracy. There are voices calling for the cancellation of its registration. All that’s left is to expel it from the competition, they say.

If this party infuriates so many it’s, in all honesty, because it represents not only a particularly abhorrent side of Mexican politics, but also because it has found, in the national mess, clues to a noticeable efficacy. Faced with the general discrediting of politics and the pluralist regime itself, the Green Party leaders have designed a communication strategy that works. Yes, it’s illegal. Yes, it’s grossly demagogic. But it seems, so far, successful. I have no doubt that the Green Party threatens Mexico’s precarious democratic system from within. It does so because it projects daily the shamelessness of impunity. Or, rather, the rationality of abuse.

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