Carmen Aristegui: Mexico’s Voice

By Jorge Ramos in Fusion 04/27/15

I would imagine that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s worst fear is that Carmen Aristegui is keeping an eye on him and his cabinet. On any given day, the Mexican journalist is likely to unveil another scandal, another injustice, or another act of corruption connected to officials in the administration. And we can count on Aristegui to tell the truth.

In Mexico, many “journalists” tend to act as mouthpieces for Peña Nieto’s government. They don’t dare to question the actions of officials; in fact, they maintain personal relationships with them, dining with them and attending their parties. For many people working in the Mexican media, being close to power has its perks.

But Aristegui doesn’t want to be close to power. She wants to confront it.

Her team at Aristegui Noticias revealed late last year that the president’s wife, Angelica Rivera, financed a luxury home in 2012 worth $7 million (dubbed Mexico’s “White House”) in the exclusive Mexico City neighborhood of Las Lomas. She bought the home from a subsidiary of Grupo Higa, a company that has been awarded millions in government contracts.

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